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Please read the terms before ordering. By sending any payments, you agree
to have fully read these terms. Please contact me if you have any questions
or concerns. I will not be responsible for any misunderstanding if you don't
notify me before making a payment.


You are allowed 5 edits per website design. After 5 edits you will be charged
anextra $5 per for any additional edits. If there is a lot of changes to be
made then the price may be a bit higher.

You are allowed 6 pictures per design that require the image to be cut out
of it's background. Each additional image is another $5. You may have up to
10 images that do not require it's background to be cut out. Each additional
will be another $5 also.


Website maintenance will start at $25 a month (or $40/hour if waived).


Or you may pay $5 per change.

 Websites will be created on my web hosting site and can be maintained by me there

or may be transferred toyour service.

"Designed by:" will be placed in the footer of
your website to giveproper credits. If you wish to have this removed it will be an additional $25.


All websites and graphics require a full or half payment upfront. You will be
responsible for paying any additional tax and fees for sending payments.
(Western Union and Moneygram for example)


There will be no refunds unless I choose to give you one because of a mistake
on my behalf. If you fail to provide enough detailed information to get the
job done how you want, I will not be responsible. I will not take on any tasks
I can't complete without proficiency. There will be no refunds for any upfront
payments once the design process has started. (websites / graphics)

All products will be emailed. If you require printing it will be a separate contracted

Any designs will beemailed with a watermark for you to proof until your
satisfied. "Keep in mind after 3 graphic edits and 5 Website edits and
then you will becharged extra".


Thank you!